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Here are some of our latest Web Graphic Designs, along with the cost per item. If you would like to request a bid or place an order for a Web graphic, please use our secure form or email kate@katekreates.com.

aniprot128.gif (23390 bytes)
Animated Logo. 10 frames, 350x153, 23390 bytes. Cost: $100

17anipartsm.gif (32464 bytes)
Animated Product 3D Model. 9 frames, 400x143, 32464 bytes. Cost: $150

3alien128.gif (35524 bytes)
Animated Page Banner. 20 frames, 350x50, 35524 bytes. Cost: $75

Sliced Web Site Logo. 6 graphics about 2K each, 350x185 assembled. Cost: $75

Haven't seen enough yet?

A "modest" testimonial:

Come back in a day or two ...
these change all the time.
Or return to our Gallery for ordering and bid request info
and to see other displays.

Date: Thu, 06 Nov 1997 19:12:09 -0500
From: Michael Black <bnm@visi.net>
Organization: B&M Sales
To: Kate <cyberhawk@turnersaith.com>
Subject: There's a Tractor Trailer Full of "Sugar" at your back door...
And, I'm buying all the cane fields I can find!


OH BABY, OH BABY!!! I just love it!!!!!!

It's up and running now. AND, since I changed over to your banner, I've gotten more "hits" than the entire month before! So, GET A BIGGER FEATHER FOR YOUR HAT!!!!! Now, with the banner to get them there, PLUS the page to keep them there, they'll be "beating down the door"...

Now, a humble suggestion for you: Set up an Honorarium Page, and I'll be the first to place a glowing account of just what you work can do!! NO JOKE!!!

Your humble servant, now and forever,


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