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Custom Static and Animated Banners
If you haven't seen the BannerScapez banner ad samples yet, click on the bulleted links below to view some of the hottest custom-built creative examples. And don't miss some of our most popular animated and static banners in our Portfolio ... or visit our Client Testimonials and Links area.

Custom Banner Pricing
We offer custom banner ad creative in a $20 - $40 - $60 - $80 - $100 price structure:

  • $20 PIC and CLICK Banners
    Choose from the our large selection of 468x60 pixel, static PIC and CLICK banner bases and let us add great anti-aliased text for you. This service includes reducing your banner to less than 10K ... fully ready to submit to banner exchanges like bCentral's LinkExchange and SmartClicks.
Order Now! To go to the PIC and CLICK Text-Added Banner Order Form . . . CLICK HERE!
Secure Order Form
Please use this form for
$20 PIC and CLICK
Text-Added Banner Orders

How to order . . .
Simply choose the PIC and CLICK banner base you would like us to use (making note of the base's number), then complete our convenient and secure Order Form. On the form, you will be asked to enter the banner base number and two lines of text as you want them to appear on your banner. You can also choose from several options for font faces and font colors.

  Remember, PIC and CLICK banner bases are FREE for the taking if you wish to add your own text.

  • $40 Custom Static Banners
    Send us your logo or other graphic and your preferred ad copy. We'll design a clean, professional static banner ad to your specifications. If you want us to locate a suitable graphic or write the ad copy, add $20.
  • $60 Custom Animated Banners
    Your animated banner will be unique ... with your logo, images, and copy. These banners are generally the standard 468x60 pixel, less than 10K type of banner used by the free banner exchanges (like bCentral's LinkExchange) and for paid advertising with search engines like Yahoo, Excite, and Lycos.
  • $80 Custom Animated Banners
    Don't know what copy will work for your ad? Then you may need to contract the creative services of our talented designers. We will integrate the best graphics, original copy, and proven advertising techniques into an effective, attention-grabbing animated banner ad that works!
  • $100 Custom Animated Banners
    Tell us your general idea, purpose, and target audience and we will unite your genius to ours to create a truly original and effective banner design. Animated banners of this caliber usually employ more complicated animation techniques and are used for paid advertising where larger file size (up to about 25K) is allowed. Our HTML/CGI Custom Interactive Banners also start in this price category.
Order Now! To go to the CUSTOM BANNER order form . . . CLICK HERE!
Secure Order Form
Please use this form for
$40-$60-$80-$100 Custom Banner Orders
We accept these credit cards!
MasterCard - VISA - AmericanExpress
If you wish to pay by check, mail to:
CyberHawk Systems
1121 10th Avenue East
Twin Falls, ID 83301

Resizing and Repurposing
Resizing Fee: Minimum of $5 per banner for static and $15 per banner for animated
Repurposing Fee: Minimum of $15 per banner for static and $25 for animated

* Resizing means shrinking a banner to a smaller size. We use an automatic proportional resize process that only works well if going from larger to smaller. If you need a resize larger than the original or of different proportions, it must be repurposed.
** Repurposing means rebuilding an existing banner design to other dimensions.

Web Graphics!

Remember, if you want graphics other than banners suitable for network advertising, come to our Gallery. There you will find all the latest Web Graphic and Web Design samples, with pricing information. Consultations and bids are FREE and we have secure, on-line ordering available.

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Graphic & Web Design
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